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Receptions | Banquets | Baptism | Christening

For many years, we have been catering for all kinds of events – from small, intimate family parties, such as birthdays, baptism or christening receptions, to very large ones, such as proms, graduation and carnival balls, St Andrew’s parties, celebrations marking the end or beginning of the academic year. Every event is unique and requires an appropriate setting and a special menu. The preparation of such event is supervised by experienced managers and cooks with very long experience in their profession.

Lunch, dinner or supper during a conference, thesis defence, graduation anniversary, reunion of university graduates after many years – these are just some of the beautiful events that have contributed to the history of our hotel. Thanks to the fact that you have honoured us with your presence, we have often been able to witness beautiful, unique and sometimes touching moments of your life.

We remain at your disposal. We can help you organise your event and choose the right menu. We look forward to hearing from you.